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Lumilys Reflective Ground Cover

More light, more color, more profit, quick install

Lumilys reflective ground cover was developed to provide optimal light reflection in the heart of your orchard. Over just a few weeks Lumilys brings out the best color in your apples.

The results are nothing short of brilliant!

lumilys reflective ground cover

Increased PAR* Reflection

30% more light in all types of weather

PAR light is crucial for the reddening of your apples, especially in the last few weeks before the first harvest.

Lumilys brings more PAR light into the depths of your orchard, whatever region or climate you work in.

*PAR = Photosynthetically Active Radiation

Optimal Coloring

Up to 25% more premium choice harvests

Lumilys stimulates a homogeneous coloring with a redder blush, while maintaining the quality of fruits resulting in a measurably better first harvest.

This immediately boosts your profits.

Multiple Seasons/ Multiple Fruits

ROI after 1 to 2 seasons

Lumilys is a worthwhile investment. With proven returns you recoup the full investment after one to two seasons.

Lumilys can be used for multiple fruits including: apples, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, tomato, apricots, cucumbers, almonds, apricots, pears, blackberries, citrus, green peppers, eggplants, olives, peaches, and much more.

Durable and Reusable

Proven rideability by tractor

Rideability test shows a tractor can easily ride on Lumilys reflective groundcover, when installed in fruit orchards.

Lumilys is resistant to both mechanical stresses and weathering (UV warranty kLy 900). You can re-use it season after season.

lumilys reflective ground cover compare

Actual photos of lesser quality products from the competition.

Beats the Competition

Innovation that is years ahead of the competition

  • Better Quality
  • Better Performing
  • Longer Lasting
  • Lighter
  • Easier Installation
  • Competitive Pricing

Easy Installation

Elastic binders and carefree hooks

Watch the video to see how easy it is to install the Lumilys reflective groundcover solution.

Request the Installation Guide

Scientifically Proven

Technology proven to deliver measurable results

Scientific tests conducted by industry recognized and reputable research centers in Belgium, Germany, and Italy, prove how “smart” Lumilys ground cover really is.

Specs & Dimensions

Product Information
Width x Length 8.53 ft x 328 ft (2.6m x 100m) – 9.84 ft x 328 ft (3.0m x 100m) – 10.83 ft x 328 ft (3.3m x 100m)
Water permeability (EN ISO 11058) 10 L/m²/sec
UV guarantee 10 years for Lumilys, 5 years for accessories
Pattern Red/green line in the middle and at both sides
Pallet 23 rolls
Quick Install 4.6 ft (1.4m) elastic binders with 2 hooks
160 binders per box – 4 boxes per pallet
Lumilys®Use 270 elastic binders with hooks for one acre Lumilys® 10.83 ft width, or 320 binders for 8.53 ft size.

For the use of Lumilys groundcover, the distance between the rows of trees is limited to maximum 11.81ft (3.6m) – 13.12 ft (4.0m) – 14.11 ft (4.3m)

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