Primary & Secondary Carpet Backing

Our black backings are UV stabilized, and used for turf as well as carpet.

We offer 18 and 23 pic charcoals and 18 pic tan with true-line. The tru-line is perfect for high end patterned goods where straightness is important.

Our 18 pic GRBL is a specially made backing with Max UV protection in the warp and weft, made especially for turf.

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carpet backing
  • LWT = Lightweight

  • LI = True-Line

  • 5 Pic = Secondary backing

Pic Widths Weight Black Charcoal Tan
13 LWT 130″, 152″, 170″, 188″ 2.48 x x x
15 152″, 170″, 188″ 3.16 x x
15 LWT 152″ 2.7 x
18 152″, 170″, 188″ 3.54 x LI LI
23 152″, 188″ 4.16 LI
5 188″ 1.53 White
carpet backing

Carpet Backing Solutions

Ingle Sales distributes primary and secondary carpet backings for commercial, hospitality, and synthetic turf markets.

We are constantly working with top manufacturers to develop specialized backings that control both pattern stability and protect against ultraviolet radiation. These specialized backings are meeting the market’s demand by supplying clients with first quality backings at a competitive price.

  • High-strength product

  • Long-term durability

  • Moisture resistant

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